Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Bit of Beauty Leaves Us…

Elizabeth Taylor was, by almost anyone’s standards, one of the most beautiful women of all time.  Her appeal exemplified class and her look, while sultry and beyond compare in many ways, was unique and truly amazing.  Unlike most amazingly beautiful women (example is one of my faves, Marilyn), Liz had talent.  Most extremely gorgeous women either lacked talent or lost themselves in the vices of their era.  Liz somehow managed to overcome and continued, until her death, to be an icon of feminine beauty.  

Liz was someone I admired.  She had a self-proclaimed obsession for living with passion and I think most of us forget to maintain passion in our day-to-day lives.  Some people find it ironic (or perhaps shallow?) that I feel we should mourn the passing of such an icon.  People say we are a shallow society who places too much on appearances.  But you know what?  We – all of us – help form that society and I don’t regret my ability to appreciate the beauty that she had (just as I don’t regret my ability to find beauty in virtually everything and everyone I see).   I will forever look at Liz and marvel (and wish I could replicate) the beauty that she so gracefully took the burden of every day.  

…and yes.  That kind of beauty would be a wonderful yet horrible burden to carry every day.  

Best of hope to you Liz, on wherever you may now be.  You add class and wonder to the cast you are now with.   I will forever be enamored by you.
Elizabeth Taylor 02.27.1932 - 03.23.2011

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