Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Next Big Trip

This weekend's backpacking trip was just enough to whet my appetite for more.  The Smokie's, like other great mountain chains, offer a variety of options.  Add to that the proximity to Nantahala, Cherokee, and Cohutta... and you have a hiker's heaven with lush areas to trek.  I've often considered what side of the US is the better to hike and I have an insatiable urge to test all of the epic areas out west... you know: Rocky Mountain National, Glacier (which is my fave and I want to LIVE there), Yosemite, Sierra Nevadas, Olypic National, Tetons... there are SO many places out there I want to go.  All of these places are dramatically different from what I have locally and while I may be green with envy for a few of those (Glacier and Yosemite, for starters!) I always try to remember that the range I have here is close, easily accessible, diverse, and ...HOME.

That being said, I know I have intent to go to the Rockies sometime soon (maybe next month?) and I know I'll be taking a trek to Glacier for a week or two (next year, I think) which leaves me ample time to plan a multi-day trek locally.

With so many different multi-day trails, I'm open to suggestions (either here or on Twitter using my handle: @Nicotye) but I'm thinking about doing the 16.5 mile Big Creek Loop in North Carolina.

What I'd LOVE to do is get my new Hyperlite Asym hammock first and then make my pops (whom i have aptly trailnamed: Methane Man) go with me.  

Sounds like fun unless you all have a better suggestion???

Go out and play!

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