Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stop "slamming" people you don't know...

You know what just drives me absolutely INSANE?  People who slam other people on the internet without knowing them or without any thought to what their words may do to that person.  There's so many instances of this on the internet that it's sad (and scary) at the lack of general couth that people have these days.  

Case in point: my old bud Donna D'Errico was recently hiking Mt. Ararat in Turkey and she fell. It was a pretty good fall and she hurt herself a bit. If you and I fell while hiking, who notices?  Family.  Friends. Co-workers.  That's about it.  But when someone who has social standing does it, it becomes fodder for the internet.  Not only was the mishap (which could happen to any of us) all over the net, but a few people took perverse pleasure in using this as an opportunity to slam her - for one reason or another (either being on Mt. Ararat or for the fall itself).  Lame, people... really, really lame.  

I get onto people often - on twitter or any other forum - when they start bashing people behind the safety and the anonymity of the internet.  It's childish, rude, and blatantly disrespectful.  I think it's a sign of the lack of respect in our society today and it enrages me.  If I slam someone on the net - I PROMISE you that I have or would say the very same things to their face (and those times are rare because, to me, being rude is a very big offense).  

All that said, for this specific case, I prefer to tell Donna that I'm proud of her for doing what she enjoys and pursuing her dreams... as for her falling, I do that so often I can only say "Sister, I FEEL YOUR PAIN."  

Love ya, D - keep it up and screw the naysayers and critics.  

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