Monday, June 3, 2013

Where does the onus belong...?

Personal responsibility and accountability…. terms used in so many contexts and catch phrases today.  I suppose you can Google the definitions of those just as well as I; because I won’t provide them for you this time.  I gripe often about our lack of personal accountability (“our” meaning people in general including myself).  Usually, I'm on a total rant-fest about the whole topic... but I’m thinking of aspects of my responsibility and accountability in a different context this time. 
...specifically, surrounding the (my) average blog. 
I have never relied on anyone for validation of what I may or may not post
because my blogging is merely my perception of my world and written more for a sense of “me” than as 100% rock solid fact.  So when someone proposes that I have misrepresented a specific populace by using too general a term… my immediate first thought is “it’s not my job to teach Joe and Jane Q. Public on the specific nuance of said population.”  The comment didn’t make me angry… but it did spur me to think seriously on if it is or is “not my job to teach or specify…”
I think if I’m going to talk about a population that does have "a few shades" within a general term, maybe it is my responsibility to provide a higher level of specificity rather than simply stating "this generalized population". 
I’m arguing with myself.  Is it my responsibility?  I don’t know.  I mean, I can see where it could be… but on the same side of the token, isn’t the onus to understand the context of something broad up to the reader? 
Regardless,… it is well-meaning and good advice… so if I give it logical consideration (which I take pride in doing before conceding to a decision)… I admit a need to keep it in mind for future posts.  So, on that note, I will make an effort to improve and am sorry if I have misrepresented facts based on generalizations.

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