Saturday, June 25, 2011

Today's Fun: Return of the Dead (Zombie Photo shoot)

Nicotye, the living dead girl!
(sorry, shameless Rob Zombie plug!)
Today was likely the most fun I've had in a photo shoot in a long time.  I didn't have to get dolled up, I didn't have to provide a full wardrobe... heck, I didn't even have to get a good night's sleep or brush my hair.  Today, I worked with a relatively local photographer named Chris Ozment.  Chris is fairly well known for his work with Heather Williams (she does a lot of motocross and 'rock' themed shoots, was on VH-1, etc) and often works with models from Atlanta.  Chris's new thing he's trying is 'goul/zombie'.  He's just starting to learn his make-up/liquid latex techniques and I willingly volunteered to get all gunked up.  This, after all, is my favorite style (i.e. jacked up, abnormal).

I drove for almost 2 hours this a.m. just to get to Chris.  It took about an hour to get my three 'gunshot wounds' in place as well as a 'broken arm'.  After that, there was some airbrushing and squirting o' blood to give it that glistening, freshly oozed feel.  We hopped in the Gator (offroad all purpose thing) and headed out in the woods to an old, abandoned cattle hold.  Chris set up lights with his portable genny and we were off and running... or perhaps I should say off letting me crawl into spider webs and weeds and crawling on the ground.

We only shot for about an hour or two.  The fake blood is primarily made of corn syrup which bees are highly attracted to.  In the end, Chris said I was the best zombie he's shot with yet and offered to do more of any style shoot in the future.  I also willingly agreed to be a guinea pig for future make-up trials.  In the end, this was the most fun I've had on a shoot in ages.  The photos here are mildly photoshopped versions I did (please don't hold Chris responsible for my lack of photoshop skilz...).

Hopefully I'll get some professionally edited photos in the near future that I can add to my port.

TONS of fun, this!

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