Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The World of MountainVision: Next up... "New Horse"

A Word From Nicotye: Never
Underestimate the opponent!
Anyone who knows me knows I don't watch TV (except for Nashville Predators hockey!).  So when I pipe up about watching a TV show, it's kind of a big deal.  Not much keeps me inside and glued to a  TV, but Expedition Impossible is an exception...

Want some insider, behind the scenes info from Expedition Impossible?  No worries! My bud, Jeff Evans (team No Limits) has a blog and gives you more info than the editors can let through in an hour (not to mention personal touches).

Never give up on team No Limits... Erik ("the blind guy") has done more amazing things than most of us could ever hope to do.  How anyone could count him out is beyond me.

The World of MountainVision: Next up... "New Horse": "crawl"

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