Friday, July 13, 2012

The Enigma of Us

Her heart is broke, her head is numb
Pressure of memories like a black abyss
Seams of her mind pulling, tearing, coming undone
Youthful innocence stolen before it could be missed.

She’s beautiful despite the tragic fray
Can such bad damage ever be fixed?
She’s lost her love of color, lives in shades of grey
Black Widow… deadly beauty and toxicity mix.

I tell her each day and in my rituals at night
Like a child reciting a repetitive prayer
Keep your strength, you have that right
But she slips into the abyss out of reach of my care.

A black widow? Yes.  But an enigma it seems
I spend every day in her webbed domain.
Because I know this girl… she’s the same one who haunts my dreams.
The web… the black glossy fa├žade … I know is feigned.

Come hide with me, the real you, by the way
Not the widow, but the butterfly with scarred wings.
I’ll shelter you, even keeping the shadows at bay
Because… like you… I understand malevolent things.

I know the real you, I know who you are
Because we are one in the same, can’t you see?
The shadows can’t hurt us anymore
Because I have you… and you have me.  

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