Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lions, Tigers, Bears, Salmoni, and DiCaprio

Some days I like to take a break from thinking about homework or work or hockey and do my very best to think about why I do some of the things I do.  I mean, I don't have much of a 'voice' per say - as far as a public platform - but yet I do all these little things in my life to attempt to "make a difference" surrounding things that matter very deeply to me.  I recycle.  I try to conserve water.  I "tread lightly" and love my planet.  I'm not a tree-hugger in the fanatical sense but yet my friends would stereotype me with that label.  Today, as I do on many days,  I think about the things I so desperately want changed that I seem to have so little impact on:

  • Saving wildlife and animals in general 
  • Decrease natural resource exploitation and overuse 
  • Impact the anthropogenic mindset
But, honestly... what can I do when I'm just one girl?  
It's moments like that that I try to retain perspective.  Sure, I'm just one girl, but I'm still doing my part.  I tell my friends and acquaintances to do the same things and I hope that my influence means something.  I support philanthropic organizations that I believe in with both monetary contributions that I can afford and time.  I continue to educate myself to, one day, have a career in a field that I think I will love just due to inherent passion.  I try to surround myself with like minds.  I don't want my life to 'mean nothing' in the sense that I don't want the things that I'm passionate about to not have benefited from me in some way.

I am secretly jealous of people that have the ability to influence so many but yet my jealousy is a friendly version. I have great respect for Leonardo DiCaprio, not because he's a great actor (though I feel he is) but because he has a passion for tigers - my favorite - and that passion drives me to like him more.  He founded the Save Tigers Now foundation and I'm very vocal in my support of it.  I very loosely call Dave Salmoni "friend" because he is a very public (Animal Planet, Discovery, etc) animal activist and zoologist who loves the same apex predators that I love. I feel a sense of camaraderie with him due to common interests and education. But yes, I desperately desire the social platform they have and their increased opportunity to support our shared causes.  Would it make me feel like I'm doing more?  Would it make me feel like I'm having a bigger impact?  I don't know.  

In the end does my lack of social platform make me less of an influence?  Meh, "yes" in some ways but "not really" in others.  I may not have the ability to 'speak as visibly'; however, when I do speak, I know that the people around me listen because they have grown to respect my knowledge, logic, and passion regarding certain things.  They see my actions and know that I am genuine, which helps them to almost tangibly feel my obsession for things.  I think the people I do impact are more likely to support my passions because they believe in them and me... Is that better than those that take part in a cause hoping to garner some potential 'celebrity attention'.  Again: yes and no.  I don't much care why people support things I'm passionate about as long as they do so when there's no ulterior motive or chance for 'fringe benefits' as well.  

So while I may be small and have nary a 'public platform' I am still an important champion of my causes and that makes me just as important to the beneficiaries of my causes.  That's my drive.  That's my ambition.  Because, in the end, the animals and the planet have my support and support of others because of me... that's what's important. 

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