Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ok. Fine. It was a ghost.

So we have dinner and get to our room around11:30 our time (9:30 local) and we're both exhausted. Prior to coming out here I had read about some the rooms and the only nifty thing I found on my room was windows closing on their own. No kiddin... They are 100 year old windows, doofus. Apparently room 401 is the "really" haunted one... And 217. So we hit the hay and in a few moments Funk is snoring and I am irritatedly awake. A few Mo's later, I swear on my dog's lives I felt the covers get pulled back from my shoulder. Nah. I'm hypersensitive. I was imagining it. I won't even lend it credence by pulling the cover. Not 30 seconds later, the cover gets pulled about 4" down my arm. I admit I freaked. I immediately grabbed Funks arm in a death grip and yanked myself to his side, turning while I was at it so that my back was pressed against his side, put both pillows in line between myself and the edge of the bed, and pulled the covers up over my head. Nothing else happened and I was able to drift off. Later, I got hot and put the covers (sans sheet) down by my knees. I woke up later and they were back up to my neck. I put them down again. Three total times I put them down and they came back up. After funk woke up around 5 local time I asked him what was up with the covers all night and he said only once did he pull them back up because he got cold. Ok, there's no a/c here. I - the drastically cold blooded one between us - was burning up all night while he got cold? Weird. Just sayin.

So at 9:30 am we are scheduled for the "hauntings" ghost tour. Of the whole group, we are the only ones who stayed in a "haunted" room. So one of the 2 tour guides asked what room and, after telling him he says, "ah, the cowboy room." "cowboy room?" I ask. He laughs and asked if I knew about it and I said no. Then he asked if anything happened and I told him and he laughed and said that he couldn't wait for me to hear the other guide tell the story of that room. I was sworn to secrecy from telling the group or the main guide until after. The good news for my group is that all the haunted rooms were booked and, since one was ours, we let our group tour it and everyone loved us for that. After we went through our room the main guide proceeded to tell everyone how women have "cover issues" and how Cowboy is annoyed by snoring men. THEN he asked me what happened.

So... if I don't have a clue of "the usual" for this room, I'm a decent blind sample... And then I'm wigged out by what I find out is "regular fare"? Ok. I admit something out of the ordinary happened.

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